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I hope my site gives you a good sense for who I am and how I work so that you can determine whether my services are the right resource for you :) Some of my professional details are mapped out below, but maybe I’ll start by telling you a bit about me…
Im not just a Counsellor, I’m a mom to two mostly grown kids, a small “puppy” and as many plants as I can manage. I moved from BC to California at a young age and lived there for quite some time before returning home in 2012. This experience was really formative for me and is largely responsible for shaping my path toward becoming a counsellor. 
I love art, music, coffee, and nature. If I can have a big picture window with an extra hot cup of coffee or tea, my music and a sketchbook, journal, or book…I won’t move until it’s time to reheat the coffee. My favourite thing about being a Counsellor…it’s hard to pick just one…I find it moving, humbling, an honour to hold space and witness folks coping with some of the loneliest, most painful, and isolating experiences of their lives. I think it’s a brave endeavour to ask for help, to give yourself space to be more deeply seen and known (if even just by your self), to weather the changes that come with healing and growth. Therapy can be very hard work. Working with someone who respects you, respects your process and engages in a transparent and straightforward way can be a big part of what helps folks more fully become themselves, find the ease/ catharsis, or shift in their perspectives and their sense of power in life and hope for the future. I find it constantly inspiring to witness the depth, breadth, versatility, and resilience of the human spirit. All that being said….sometimes folks just need to get something off their chest, to confirm that their need and feelings are “normal”, or to reach out for a few new strategies…I’m here for that, too. Please feel free to read a bit more below and if you have any questions, or would like to reach out and discuss your goals and get more of a sense of fit, I’m happy to connect for a free 15-minute consultation by phone or professional Zoom. 
|Clinical Orientation| • Trauma-Informed • Relational • Strengths-Based • Client-Centred • Emotionally-Focused • Somatic-Attachment • Culturally Aware • Feminist • Sex Positive.
|Experience| • Master of Counselling, Marriage, Family & Child Therapy, 2009• In Private Practice since 2014
• 2-Year Somatic Attachment Therapy Training, 2021• Specialized Sex Therapy Training, In Progress since 2020

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Grief & Loss Groups, Low Desire and Mid-Life Processing Groups

Holding Hands


Communication challenges, Desire Disparity, Recovering from Infidelity, ENM/Poly Relationships

All Hands In


Sexuality, Self-Esteem, Relational Trauma, Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Relating and Neurodiversity, High Sensitivity, or Giftedness, Counselling for Mental Health Professionals



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